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As of 2017, the OSRC has changed the name of our scholarship to "The Betty Fisher Memorial Scholarship". We would like to honor Betty Fisher in a way that would show all of our appreciation for her and her hard work for all of Oklahoma Respiratory Care.

Betty Fisher was an instructor for Francis Tuttle Vo-tech Respiratory Care Program in Oklahoma City.  Betty was also an advocate for Oklahoma Respiratory Care as a whole.


A former veteran Betty started her career in the Air Force and eventually landed here in Oklahoma. Here she began working for Integris Southwest Medical Center (formerly South Community Hospital) becoming the director of the Cardiopulmonary Department.


Betty was one of the key players in getting the Respiratory Care Act passed here in Oklahoma.


She was a very active member of the OSRC serving in several board positions. Betty was a kind and generous woman. She always stepped in to help wherever she was needed. She was always working behind the scenes and not one to draw attention to herself.


Betty shared her love of respiratory with her students. She never had a cross word to say and was there for every student, giving extra time guiding students when needed. She would patiently explain things in a manner so that all of her students were able to understand on all levels.


We here at the OSRC want to honor her memory in the best way we know how. We have created the Betty Fisher Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will issue $600 to the scholarship recipient.



The Oklahoma Society for Respiratory Care Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for first and second year students enrolled in an Accredited Respiratory Care Program in Oklahoma.



Specific Application Requirements


Applicants must:


1. Be a high school graduate or equivalent; and

2. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the Respiratory Care


3. Documentation must be received verifying admission into the


4. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

5. Must demonstrate characteristics of good citizenship, reliability,

desire and positive attitude.

6. Must be a member of the Oklahoma Society of Respiratory Care (OSRC) , or in the process of joining.



Application Process, each applicant must complete the following:


1. Scholarship application form (print here)

2. One-page personal essay which should include:

•         What is your interest in the RC program

•         What are your personal and professional goals and how will the

             goals you set apply to the Respiratory profession.

•         Why you feel qualified for this scholarship

3. Two letters of Recommendation (reference letter request form)

4. Educational Display pertaining to either the Asthma patient or COPD patient, to be displayed at the OSRC Annual Summer Seminar



Applications submission process:


All application documents must be submitted to the Scholarship

Chairperson by ______ each year.


Educational boards will be displayed during Annual OSRC seminar

and selection will take place at the Annual OSRC board meeting.


Scholarship recipients will be announced at the annual OSRC

Business meeting.


Scholarships will be paid out in one disbursement amount of $200 during the OSRC Annual Summer Seminar.



Scholarship Selection Process


All applications will be mailed to the Scholarship Chairperson. She/He will ensure scholarship applications are complete.


Missing material will disqualify an applicant from consideration.


The completed applications will be presented to the OSRC Board Members during the OSRC Board Meeting for review and selection of recipients and alternates.



Each application packet must include:


• 1. A Completed Scholarship Application Form

• 2. A One-page personal essay which should include:

      a. What is your interest in the RC program?

      b. What are your personal and professional goals?

      c. Why do you feel that you are qualified for this scholarship?

• 3. Two Letters of Recommendation

• 4. Unofficial Transcript



OSRC Board / Committee Members:


•-Review and evaluate the application packets. Each member will use the      standard evaluation form.


•-If a student writes more than one page in his or her personal essay,

     only the first page of the essay is to be considered.


•-Select 6 scholarship recipients and alternates for each year.


-Fill out the selection form


-The President will contact, by mail, the recipients and non-recipients


Scholarship Award Winners:

-Recipient will maintain OSRC membership

-Recipient will attend OSRC seminars

-Recipient will be assigned a mentor who will be available during his/her      program and 1 year post graduation

Download Forms Here



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