New Oklahoma Licensure


​This page will help you figure out how to get your NEW and FIRST Oklahoma license. That means that either you are a new graduate (Congratulations!) or a transplant to Oklahoma (Welcome!).


We know that the terms used can be confusing so let us help you out in deciphering the Oklahoma Medical Board info.



Per the Oklahoma Medical Board:  


"An application for licensure as a respiratory care

practitioner must be based on one of the following: Examination or Endorsement".



Those who have successfuly completed the NBRC exam, resulting in obtaining CRT or RRT certification


Complete the following:

- On-line Application Form

- Form 3 (if applicable)

- Form 8




1. Respiratory Therapists who are currently licensed in another state, territory or country

- Qualifications of the applicant must be deemed by the Medical Board to be equivalent to those required by this state

2. Credentialed therapists that have been granted by the NBRC as a CRT or an RRT

- Provided that these credentials have not been suspended or revoked

3. Certification under oath that the applicant's credentials have not been suspended or revoked


Complete the following:

- On-line Application Form

- Form 3

- Form 8





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